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Virtual Public Informational Meeting #2 August 2022

You can view a PDF of the presentation in English or la presentación en español.

You can also view PDFs of the script in English and el guion en español.

Responses to Comments received during Public Information Meeting #2 in August 2022
Responses to Comments Provided During PIM #2

Virtual Public Informational Meeting #1 March 2022

You can view PDFs of the presentation in English and la presentación en español.

You can also view PDFs of the script in English and el guion en español.

Survey Results and Response to Comments received during Public Information Meeting #1 March 2022
The results of the survey questions and responses to comments received during the first Public Meeting in March 2022 can be found here.
Responses to verbal comments received during July 2022 can be found here.

Feasibility Study Virtual Public Information Meeting #2 March 2021

To watch the March 2021 Public Meeting video, Feasibility Study #2, visit the RTC YouTube channel.


RTC Project Manager Judy Tortelli, P.E., talks about project developments. The video interviews are produced and broadcast by KOLO 8 News Now. You can also watch The Road Ahead with RTC news segments at the RTC YouTube channel.


Current Design and Environmental Study

Agency Coordination Meetings
Feb 3, 2022 – Meeting #1 (Presentation, Kick-off Meeting Recap, Project Schedule)
July 11, 2022 – Meeting #2 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)

Design Review Committee Meetings
March 8, 2022 (Presentation)
April 12, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
May 10, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
July 19, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
August 9, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
September 13, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
November 8, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
December 13, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
January 10, 2023
February 14, 2023
March 14, 2023
April 11, 2023
May 9, 2023

Aesthetic Stakeholder Working Group Meetings
February 25, 2022 (Presentation)
March 25, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
May 6, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)
June 22, 2022 (Presentation)
Sepetmber 27, 2022 (Presentation, Meeting Summary)

Feasibility Study

Browse an archived library of information from the Feasibility Study Phase of the Arlington Avenue Bridges Project page in “Engineering & Construction” on the RTC website. Downloadable documents include:

• Final Feasibility Study Report and Appendices
• Map of the Project Area
• City of Reno TRAction Visioning Project Report and Appendices (2009)
• December 2019 Public Kick-off Meeting Recap
• Recaps of Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) meetings
• Recap of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting


The Arlington Avenue Bridges Replacement Project is located in the City of Reno between Island Avenue and West First Street and includes the area of roadway through the three-acre, natural island Wingfield Park. The two, nearly century-old bridges have become structurally deficient because of their age and repeated exposure to flood events. The City of Reno owns the bridges, roadway, and Wingfield Park, which is accessible by the bridges.

The RTC, in cooperation with the City of Reno and other local and federal agencies, completed a feasibility and conceptual alternative analysis in June 2021. A Purpose and Need Statement (project level), consistent with goals in the RTC’s Regional Transportation Plan, was used as the basis for developing and screening alternatives. The four needs identified were 1) Respond to structural deficiencies of existing bridges; 2) Improve pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and traffic safety in the Wingfield Park area; 3) Provide sufficient river-flow capacity of the Truckee River during flood events; and 4) Respond to regional and community plans.

The feasibility study compiled and considered input from the public, stakeholders, and a technical advisory committee. The study resulted in preferred alternatives: a single-pier north bridge to replace the existing double-pier bridge, and a clear-span south bridge to replace the existing clear-span bridge. Stakeholders and the public endorsed a modern, art-deco theme for aesthetics as well.

The RTC will now complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process required for federally funded projects. (Learn more from a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) video on NEPA.) During the process, the RTC will collaborate with stakeholders and the public to evaluate ways to minimize or avoid adverse environmental effects.

Final design will be completed after this environmental review with in-river construction currently scheduled to begin July 1, 2025.

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